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You want your own space, where you can be you. You mean, this is literally my idea of the dumbest idea you can have. So you want to come with me to the party. Like, youre seriously going to take me up on this offer. T need you hanging around with a bunch of assholes in a rowdy bar, you know. But why did you come at all. I dunno, I just thought the idea of you at the party would be nice for a change. Then why the hell are you sitting in a corner sulking. Re the one who made this stupid idea, not me. It was to cause as much distraction from your fate as possible. You wanted to go to this party so bad that you were willing to take the risk of running away from me, you little wench. T even there to celebrate the fact that you were getting away from me. Instead, you were there because YOU wanted to be somewhere else. You wanted to go do something else. Ve never been so embarrassed in your life. The only thing you want to do is hide away, so you can escape the world. You were never meant to run away from the burden of being a woman. S a good idea to bring me here to have some fun.

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