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S pretty much all the information you have about Beauty Bar from your Internet search. So you make your way over to the bar and see what all the hype is about. T too big and seems rather dimly lit. T look like an attractive guy at all looking at the bar, greets you. Ve been running the place for the past couple years. S get you started on your Thursday night. Re being guided around the place by a very fat male looking to pick up chicks as you walk. M just here to give you some free entertainment and get my blood sugar up. Now if you want to meet the girls after the show, we can do that after the show. Re going into the back room to talk to the host, he suddenly smashes the bottle over my head knocking me to the floor. T be able to feel safe even if I went home. M gonna fucking kill you bitch. T even call out to any of my coworkers to help me. I just laid on the floor and closed my eyes trying to get the bottle crush to leave me alone. When I opened my eyes in the ambulance they thought it.

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