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You wake the next morning at exactly 7:30 A. Re going to want to do is take a shower and wash all your dirty clothes off. You put your filthy clothing in the hamper and head back to your room to get yourself dressed. You head up to your room and go through your things to get them together before heading downstairs. You head downstairs and look at your calendar. Ve already spent enough time with your girlfriend. You head to the bar and order a Bloody Mary. Re prepared for your little brother when you get there. You order the Bloody Mary for yourself and head to the party. You go to the party which is fairly crowded. After ordering your Bloody Mary, you start to see people wander in and out. You see your former roommate Kevin talking to his girlfriend. T recognize, but something about him seems familiar. He starts to introduce himself, but you keep your distance. A few moments later you see a girl chatting with her boyfriend. S totally naked save for a pair of blue fishnet stockings. T take your eyes off of them so you order another Bloody Mary and just keep moving around. Re fairly certain you see your girlfriend. S standing near the corner of the room with a guy. Ve just come in through the front door. You decide to head over to see her. S almost like you ate nothing but food for the last few hours. Re struggling to keep up with your own pace, you see some of the other people leaving the party.

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