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The most popular image of the year doesnt even come from the Oscars, rather a new movie, The Danish Girl, which is also a best picture nominee. In addition, the film stars Eddie Redmayne as a man who returns home to Denmark after spending years visiting an old girlfriend in Paris and decides he hasnt really moved on from his old life. For a man, thats a pretty moving piece of narrative, especially because its a tale of lost love that seems awfully familiar. A man comes to find his long-lost love or his lost loves home, sometimes by the title of the book or novel he was reading and most often by visiting the bookstore where he once bought a book. If he finds his girl, they meet, if she finds him, they make a connection. Its a simple structure, but a satisfying one, when you dont have to think too hard about whats actually occurring in the film. And thats usually not too hard for most people. Its a story thats played over and over again in movies and TV shows for decades. And its what we know, which is why were all rooting for it too. The thing is, however, we never actually see this story played out. You rarely see this story played out in real life. All you hear is the same song over and over and you dont even stop to think, Wait a minute. Are we really meant to be making the connection between the man who leaves his girl behind, and the woman who finds him. We take a story and we make the connection, we get emotional about it, and then we move on with our lives. The point is, in The Danish Girl, were making a different connection and were not moving on at all. Were staying put in a place made familiar by a familiar story. This is a film that makes a lot of claims about love, about its permanence, its endlessness, its power, its powerlessness, its potential, its cruelty, its vulnerability, its vulnerability of a kind you wouldnt believe. Its also a film that, when youre done with it, you can stop caring that youre seeing something that so often happens in real life, and yet its the only place in the world you really expect to see it. The problem with all of this is that its also a film with a lot of heart. Its a movie that really does care about the characters its trying to depict, especially the two women, Edith, Alicia Vikander, and Nymphomaniac, Caroline Dhavernas whose relationship is the films emotional core.

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