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You are still search and it is what you want to do. DDDThe last couple days have been very hectic, your first two items arriving at the warehouse and now you have found a small piece of a book that explains the entire plot of Harry Potter. You find yourself in a large room with a long and complicated table full of books. Youre looking at a book on Charmed Artifacts, a book on the lore and history of the most mystical artifacts ever made and in your hands you hold a thick and leather bound tome thats bound in a strange blackish black material and covered with runes and symbols of unknown meaning and meaning you can barely comprehend. Your hands press down on the pages and you begin to read aloud in a language youve never seen before. The book begins, It is said that there are many powerful magical artifacts that can, when in the hands of the right hands be used for good or great evil. You read on for a moment, as you continue reading, Many of these mystical artifacts are kept in hidden stashes and are known only to a select few. Others are kept in museums or secret vaults, guarded by powerful magicians and treasure gatherers. And of course there are the many artifacts created over the centuries by human hands, and these too are not to be touched, let alone destroyed. Of all the magical artifacts in existence, none have ever been known to the general public; they are either kept by powerful individuals that can command their powers at will, or by the most powerful nations and governments. Few mortals have ever managed to touch such an artifact, let alone control its powers. Indeed it is not even easy to destroy one. It is said that in a great battle between two powerful wizards, an artifact of great power fell into the hands of the loser. Lovecraft and known to all as The Necronomicon is an item of such power that it can destroy whole worlds. You continue reading, It is the oldest, most valuable and most powerful artifact in existence, and even then, it is only the first page of an enormous, ancient book. There are only a finite number of pages, which means that even more of it is needed to fully complete the Necronomicon. Only a human being who possesses the entire book can fully understand its true power. The Necronomicon contains many, many spell words, written in unknown, unpronounceable runes and unknown letter combinations. It is said that only the holder of such an artifact can cast the spells it contains. And most spells contain words that can kill your mind as surely as death itself.

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