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After that, you can choose one of five other fields: art, journalism, public relations, or music. Plus, you can study for the GED in a local school after you finish your school life. The location is also a beautiful, small community full of-everyday-people. Helpt You go to the beauty school in indiana and make friends with a girl named Brenda who is there to look at the facilities and to meet others who are looking for jobs in the area. You finish up the week of work by going to a local bar called the Temptation, where you meet a young woman named Tanya and start chatting with her. They get on pretty good, so it seems. Afterward, Tanya and you go to a local music shop, where Tanya buys a guitar and you buy a new set of headphones, so you can listen to music at your new job at the Empire Beauty School. The shopkeeper is a nice guy, and he seems to know you, so he takes you to a nice, quiet, and quiet area of his garden, where there is a nice, quiet little fount and a rock garden where you can hang out and take a break from the noisy city. The following day, you and Tanya get a call from Tanya: Hey, what are you guys doing. The next day comes, and its another hot one, although this time its a blistering one, like you werent used to. You sit in the garden by yourself, not sure what to do. Something clicks in your head, and you realize that there is a solution. I think its time we went and explored the Empire. I think we should go down to the Empire. We only just met and you already want to go there. She says, but quickly changes her mind. Itll be fine, you say, well find a way to get through that town.

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