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You dont watchThis may be one of the most morbid and bizarre things youve ever done on this earth, but if you had to choose between being gay or dying for a day only for you and four other strangers to be killed, die a slow and agonizing death as the rest of these poor bastards are eventually reduced to the status of mindless, moaning husks, then its a no-brainer. The only regret you have is that you didnt use your talent to save the others. Oh geez, I should have just used my powers. I mean, you were trapped in a cube, who can blame you for wanting to leave right. You thought to save yourself, you could have used some of those power sets to open the doors or something. Maybe we could of been able to save everyone from the trap, but noooo. Were just another group of lost losers who cant figure out how to save ourselves. Giovanni is being a complete ass to Bobby for some reason, but he doesnt get to see you get hit in the head by a shotgun blast to the chest until minutes later, when his heart stops beating, and your eyes are opened to a world filled with bright lights and sounds, and youre not quite sure of where everything is yet. A few of the others are awake already, and they begin telling you the details of the event while you continue to be dazed and confused. You arent sure what to call the thing in front of you, but for the most part its just a big, mechanical creature, standing on two legs, with a long, thin neck and a long, thin proboscis-like snout. Its head is like a tube of toothpaste, with two large, pointed teeth, a long, thin tongue, and a few small, light-green, bulbous organs at the back of its head. Its body is just a tall, thin tube with a long body and multiple appendages. Most of the appendages are thin, pointy objects that seem to be in the way of the creatures heart, which has a few sharp points. You continue to stare at the machine in silent horror and disbelief. Yes, and it seems your heart is malfunctioning and cant make any new blood cells, so it needs new blood. Its trying to suck you dry of your blood or something. Bobby is right, you are definitely on the verge of death anyway.

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