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Kenneth Miller, D-Cranston, calls for Rhode Island to regulate medical marijuana the same way it regulates prescription drugs. It also would create a system to license pot dispensaries and growers, require drug testing for people seeking a license and a 24-hour call center for consumers who report the presence of illegal drugs. Currently, anyone with a doctors note can get a medical marijuana card in the state. We have to allow people suffering from medical problems to have the ability to live their lives. And this is one of the most effective ways to treat multiple sclerosis, which is very curable, Miller said. The proposed law would regulate the drug similar to how it regulates prescription drugs. The state Department of Health would have authority to license pot growers and dispensaries. It would create a regulatory panel that would license marijuana growers and dispensaries. The panel would include five people appointed by the governor, two members of the medical advisory committee and two members of the state Board of Health. The panel would include two licensed physicians, a registered nurse and a psychiatrist. Currently, the board includes a registered physician and a psychiatric nurse practitioner. People with a debilitating medical condition would be able to get a card from a patients physician. Medical marijuana would have to be used only for medicinal purposes. T be available to people under the age of 21. T take medication because of certain side effects and you have to keep them off of the medication until such time that they recover. Re not getting better and they need to have treatment, Miller said. The law would prohibit smoking or using the drug inside the home. An attorney who once worked on the medical marijuana regulations said the proposal is a step in the right.

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