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But not just, Funny, by Luke Evans. I am posting this letter to you as an act of revenge. You will not allow me to playThe last time I was ever in your backyard, you let me get away with it. I am not the man I once was, and I am not a man you allow to call you home. You cant even keep a tight rein on your pet rock that thinks it is a cat. Your days of ruling this nation are numbered, and I will have my day. Love,LilithYou never did answer her, the way she wanted to. But the next day a letter arrived at her door. Lilith,After the events we witnessed that evening, I believe the last thing we can expect is for you to ignore any further threat. I know you wouldnt dream of killing a man as beautiful as that. But you cant play this game forever. If you havent noticed, your world is indeed a lot different than where you were a few years ago. You have to be prepared for the possibility that it is going to get worse. Its hard enough living right now, with only a few friends and family. It doesnt seem like its going to get any better. My advice is dont live anywhere near a large city. There will be no more hiding in my house when danger comes. Love,LilithYou never heard back from her again, you just closed up and hid for good. Then, after a month you went and found a new job, not knowing what to do. You worked long hours, but you always knew there was a chance she was going to come back to take you to meet her. After a year, you saw how her life had become a living hell. They robbed her every day and left her hungry and exhausted. Your conscience wouldnt allow you to stay in her life after that.

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