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And, dont hesitate to interact with other girls in this group when you feel like. Youre going to show them something they wont ever forget. You click the button, and youre immediately enveloped in a warm and fuzzy feeling. Youve never felt so happy, relaxed and euphoric. You notice that its a bit chilly in here, but you need to be in a nice mood. The game seems to have finished, and youre feeling a little exhausted from the energy you just drained for this. You find that you need to use your computer to sleep, but who are you kidding, youre so excited to get to the end that you have little concern about time. You have absolutely nothing to worry about when you log on. It takes a few moments to fully register what youre seeing, but after staring at the screen while closing your eyes for a minute, all is right with the world and the world is right with you. You decide that going to sleep is really not necessary right now and you should just turn off your computer and head to bed for now. However this is where you enter a bizarre paradox – you cant turn off your computer, because it is in fact the only thing keeping any semblance of order in your life, and you cant go to bed, because then you would have no way to turn on your computer. There is no way to overcome this strange situation. You feel like youre in a perpetual state of crisis and the only thing that you can do is continue to play with the problem until it becomes less of a problem. Its almost as if this scenario has been playing out inside your head, but without you in control. Youve always wondered if your dad had ever mentioned this scenario to you before, or something you had invented to cope with your troubles, but the fact that it is a real and very present problem is too much and you cant ignore it anymore. The following day, you decide to give the game a try. You spend most of the day at work, just playing and ignoring the world. The game doesnt quite meet your expectations. Its fun, sure, but it just sort of feels like an idle diversion when youre not in a hurry. In fact, you cant imagine the need for a game you could play at your desk all day. Youve never really been good at video games. Sure, you have spent some time on them in the past, but even on those occasions, it was always because there was a contest going on or you.

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