Ve been looking for a vegan deodorant that works, ours are made with signature …

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Anonymous Anonymous So much for your promises of non-toxic products and a new line, did any of this shit even work. Anonymous Anonymous If you are having issues with these products, I would get the hell out of here. I am no longer going to support this company. You should have known that your product was no good. I would gladly switch to something else, because you are a liar and a fraud. And so far this week, all of my orders with you were canceled or refunded. I have been using your non-toxic products for over a year and I get the feeling that if I hadnt been on some kind of vegan diet, I wouldnt have received that much product in the bag. I dont care if its not toxic, if I am getting some weird chemical in my body Im not interested in using it. Anonymous Anonymous Please please please help, I have been using your products for weeks, I had just received them in the mail and just opened up one of the bottles to use. But after using it for days, I noticed an awful burning sensation in my throat and I had to stop. I thought maybe the bottle was in my house or something. There was no way I was going to throw out something that smelled great. Anonymous Anonymous Can you please, maybe just one more time. I have been using this product for years and it works so well. I will be more than happy to pay for shipping to save your time. If it wasnt for my allergies and the fact that I live in a high end area, I would be using this right now.

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