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Afterward, you and her have a lovely conversation about God, love, and everything in between. Youve got the girl, and everything appears to be going your way. But then all of a sudden it all comes to a crash like you didnt even want it to ever to begin with. Your first love, is destroyed in a matter of moments. You feel a tremendous surge of anger that this should ever have been done to you. However, the anger is completely overshadowed by the sadness of losing her. But thats a story for another time, and thats for another day. You are now left with the feeling that no matter what you do in the future, you will never be able to find your lost love. You spend the next few years of your life living out your days in your basement, in complete solitude. One day, you receive a visit from a young woman seeking your assistance. She says her name is Mary, and that she has been looking for someone in the city of Zal. She says that there are rumors that an organization called the Order of the Red Eye is recruiting young men and women, and that she wants to join the organization to earn the reputation of being an excellent fighter. Youre not sure if you should say no to her offer, as she seems quite genuine, but as you said, youre still pretty pissed off about losing your first love, so you decline the offer. You also say that you want her to find out more about your old love, before you decide what to do next. You give Mary the Red Eyes locationAfter some further conversation, you and Mary arrive at an area which has been tagged with an invisible Red Eye signal. You try to find her, since she had mentioned a name, but you keep getting lost in the maze of the city, as you dont know which way to go. Eventually, you come across a group of people being threatened by the Red Eye, who is trying to force them to do a job for him. The Red Eye sees you and points his finger at Mary, threatening her to keep her mouth shut. She begs for your help, but you just leave them be and continue your own quest. You soon come across your target, another Red Eye named Nergal. Although he seems really nice and you dont mean to insult him, his orders and methods are not pleasant at all. While his methods are more or less correct for his job, but they are just wrong for someone like you. It all becomes really personal for you when you find out that you were once like him. He seems completely oblivious to his past life, and hes completely self-righteous when it comes to his beliefs and what he believes should.

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