Very thin upper lip, very very HOT…

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Theresa Mannheim is one of my favorite authors and my favorite book. A terrible date and a good night, goodnight and, goodnight. You decide the night is yours and youve done the math and now youre just looking for a place to lie down. Suddenly, the front door opens and a man appears and shuts the door behind him. You look at the time and realize you havent had sleep and you cant stay up all night. You cant stay here so you head back to the front door. You were supposed to be here a few minutes ago. You didnt know his name or any info on him so you didnt really know what to say. Um, nothing except that I had to get a room. Im gonna leave, but maybe we can meet up at another time. The man nods and thanks his assistant and then the assistant heads back to the front desk. After a few minutes he comes back and points you in your direction. You go back upstairsAfter a few more minutes of walking you reach the stairs leading up to the main floor. You turn around and walk upstairs, but instead of the front desk, you feel like it was some sort of secret entrance that you dont have a key to. A bit of searching back down doesnt yield anything. You think about going back down and going to the reception desk, but after you get inside the door, youre too nervous to look for a chair and the door is already shut. You just stand there for a minute feeling really bad and wondering if you should just leave and never come back. Ll see me in the living room then. Jake nods and opens up a door to the rear of the basement. Yep, guess you were having second thoughts about coming over here.

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