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Join 800 million users on BeautyCam to find your most beautiful self. You:, sad, but you already thought of it, Okay okay, Ill do it. Gwen: Well, you were thinking about it, but Ive been on it for hours and you just came in to ask me for some money. You: Ugh, Gwen, you cant possibly think that I have been spending all my time thinking about money. Astrid: You know I have to say, your strange fixation with money isnt nearly as odd as one of your comments in the past. Astrid: In another life you said that a strong mind is more important than sex. You: It is true, sex is fun, but its not everything. Gwen:, sisterly grin, Oh, I forgot you were the one who never got laid in this life. Well heres one tip for you, Ive read some of your old letters and the first thing you say in all of them is a strong mind is more important than sex. Maybe that is what you meant when you said that you were a strong mind. Gwen:, sisterly grin, Hey we are talking. Astrid:, sisterly grin, Well you were in the military, so you probably had a strong mind at least. You:, sisterly grin, I dont think the military is what I had a strong mind at, no, its probably a combination of many different things. You:, sisterly grin, Well, youre not wrong. Gwen: Yeah I know what I mean, it is a good thing to be strong minded. Astrid: You are right, we all need to be strong minded. Astrid: I agree, and as I have said before, we should all seek to reach for the stars, because we are all one in the same. Gwen:, sisterly grin, Ugh, I know this is getting very stupid, but I wanted to tell you thanks again for saving me yesterday. You continueYou: I was just thinking that I do still love you.

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