Voiced by American actor and singer Richard White, Gaston is an arrogant hunter whose …

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You ask for helpGaston, for help with my situation. Well, how about after you kill the last Beast, you take care of me. I can use the money, especially since I didnt do any actual work to make it worth my while. You look at him and ask:Gaston, I can hardly believe you even had it in you, and yet here you are, enjoying your freedom and life. Id say you were lucky, but you arent. If I could Id be more than happy to help, but as it stands, its you thats giving me a benefit, so its best to get all I can out of the situation. You say Youre a cruel oneGaston, you think youre above the rest because youre royalty. Im a lot better at what I do than you might believe. You were nothing until you met the Beast. Its not my fault, it wasnt my idea, its not my fault. No it isnt, because what youre really doing is using the Beast to get what you want, thats who you really are. Now I can help you achieve the things you want, but in exchange for that, youll have to change. Ill take you to Belle, but only if you help me with something else first. Gaston looks a second time at you and says:Ill get to her, but Id like it if you gave me time though. Well, when you give me what you want from me, I wont be able to help you as easily any time soon. You take a deep breath and take in your options. You could turn this into a negotiation, or you could continue to play hard to get. You continue to play hard to getYoure not going to give up everything for a little money. You might not even get to Belle as a result of this. You could say that youve already given too much, that youre not going to help you and youll have.

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