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You wait another week and just wait. You decide to wait another week, but you can tell this movie is going to be crazy. Your wait is worth it when you see the movie trailer. You see the movie is not what it seems and the trailer even says it, so you are going to go ahead and just get it then. You decide to go to Amazon and rent Beauty and the Beast from that place. Its a bit of a drive from your house, but you really dont have a choice. You start it up and thats the first you watch it. You are still quite confused, but you give it a few hours. After a few hours the movie just starts playing in the background, but you dont hear the sound effects of any animal being tortured or anything. You dont even hear any voices, it is just normal movie sounds. You sit thinking about this as you watch the movie with your wife. The movie ends and you are just left with one question, You dont even look away. You take another hour to watch the rest of the movie. After another hour, you turn the TV off and leave the room just in case the movie is some weird hallucination. You go and get some sleep and dont go back to work that day. You decide to go to the theater and watch Beauty and the Beast on Thursday night. You tell your mom what youre planning to do and she says shell go along with you. Youve never been to a movie with her before, but with the upcoming movie coming out so soon and your mom wanting to see it, you figure you can convince her to go with you. When you leave to the movies, youre sure to take her with you. You get there, but she hasnt gotten off the bus yet. Okay then, she says and turns off to go home while you turn onto another street. This is a little weird, but you decide to follow her home. Its a little strange, but you get to your house and she doesnt follow you inside. You shouldve stayed homeYou still havent seen her since you left. You go out to the bus stop alone and catch her there. She looks at you a little strangely when she sees you. You stay silent and wait for her to get on the bus. You go out of her sight as soon as she gets.

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