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You send a messageYou decide to send a message to the site to see whats up. The site is a bit confusing, but it looks like there is a chat option. You send a message that you are interested in this site. The site goes through a lengthy verification process, but when it is ready, you are given a link to log in. Your browser opens and you log in as you normally would. The registration process seems very simple, but that is because you understand how the system works very quickly. Upon logging in, you see that it is very easy to use. You see that you are in the beauty section of the site, but instead of beauty, you are in the voting section. T even know why you have entered it. There are just a bunch of images which you can either click on or scroll through. You come across a link to create an account and you do just that. The rest of the process just takes a few minutes and you get the password you need. M ready to get my beautiful face on the site. Your account allows you to post comments and vote on photos. You are given an email address that you can use to receive email notifications in case of problems while visiting the site. You are logged in and ready to post a pretty face to the site. You post a commentYou find the photo you want to post to the site and click to post it. Your screen immediately flashes and you read the comment that has just been posted before you can stop yourself to do anything else. Some random guy is saying that the site is a scam. T give a shit what the site is, he just wants to see a nice body. He wants to see a woman that he can have a relationship with. S probably going to do anything to get a girl like that. Ll gladly pay for the services and there are some freebies that are available for free if you want them. Who would be stupid enough to sign up for a site like this. Re probably a bit young to be wanting to look at some of these pictures without having paid for them to be posted in.

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