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There are two other listings for Beauty World with ratings of 2, 4 and 2. There are no reviews to suggest that they arent a good hair salon, but theyre the price you have to pay for great hair. You dont care how good of a deal youre gettingA bargain can never be a bad deal. You check out Beauty World and leave it with your brother. You head on out the door with your hair in a ponytail. Youre not sure if you should go through all that again, but you know you have work to do. You go to the Dollar TreeBeauty World is located in downtown Greensboro which happens to be the Dollar Trees location. You dont have a lot of money with you, but if you dont spend it quickly then you risk running out. You go there and spend a few hours looking around while you wait for your brother to pick you up. You spend the time browsing the hair products. You pick out a red, pink and yellow colored hair dye, a hot pink and purple colored styling product and a black and white colored curling iron. You also pick out a few of the many different products for your hands. You pick out a small bottle of hand lotion and a small tube of a face wash. You also spend some time with the products you bought. You notice that the Black and White hair dye has a smell of chemicals and plastic. You decide that it would be more interesting to look a little further a product. You spend an hour browsing Dollar Tree and eventually youre standing in front of a large rack with large jars of various colored and colored-in cosmetics, powders and lotion. You notice that youre wearing your hair in a ponytail. Your brother comes outside holding a large box. Here, my hair is long and it looks good on me, you say. That would be a good price for hair if you keep it up, he says. He puts the box on the rack for you and walks back in while you sit on the curb. You turn your head to see if he left anymore products in the box, but his back is turned so you cant tell whether hes gone in or what he left. You turn back to the rack and watch as he walks back outside. You look at the productsYou notice a black curling iron with a blue flame attached to a rod and several smaller red, orange and yellow curling irons. You look at the Black and White hair dye, and you see a tube of hand lotion. Then you turn your head again to look at the Black and White hair dye and you see a.

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