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THE END-X-MEN LEGACY: You legacy:THE ENDYou wake to the sound of a car alarm and your hand immediately begins to stroke your heart. That must be the sound of your neighbors new car. Youre getting more attached to that car by the minute. You check your phone to see if anyone is actually texting you, because thats always a good sign. Theres no texts, no Facebook posts, not even a single email. You also check the time, which seems to be the same time as the last time you woke up. Of course, you could be dreaming right now, but youre pretty sure this is real. Your hand starts to drip with goose bumps, and if your imagination is correct, then the entire basement is starting to become damp and warm. The voice comes back in a tinny, squeaky tone. Im sorry, Ill try my best to get on soon. I live on Maple street, near the Bellwood district. I was about to get on, but I was just going to go to the Bellwood area and will be back soon. You start to get alarmed as you realize this may not be a friendly stranger either. And you really hoped this didnt turn out like the movie Prometheus, where David, the man, was supposed to help you escape and you ended up getting captured instead. I need to get away from my sister; shes been acting weird ever since I got here, the stranger says. She keeps asking me to leave, but Im not going anywhere, and the only thing that will change my mind is for her to just hurt me. You ask, because you dont know the answer yet. Shes been harassing me all the time. I told her to leave me alone, but she insisted on staying. After the third time of getting into fights with her, I told her to leave me alone, because Im not going to let anyone hurt me. She said shes not leaving until Im in a cage and being raped, but I told her that its not going to happen.

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