VotesCalvin Klein launches a new edition of Beauty fragrance from 2010 named Sheer …

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Total 100 reviewsCalvin Klein Sheer Beauty Mens EDT Spray 50ml bei Amazon. 8 reviewsCalvin Klein Sheer Beauty Women EdT Spray 25ml bei Amazon. 0 reviewsCalvin Klein Sheer Beauty Mens, EDT Spray;25ml Amazon. If youre shopping for yourself, Id go with the Eau de Toilette. On the other hand, if youre buying for a friend or a partner, go with the Gardenwalk. I get the sense that Calvin Klein is a womens brand, and Gardenwalk is a mens brand. Which would make sense, but Im not entirely sure why the opposite would be true. Like, why the mens version of Calvin Klein would be about as girly as the womens version would be about as masculine, in a way that I cant even fathom. But it makes more sense why EDP is male exclusive. The more feminine of all the products in this Eau de Toilette lineup, its not a bad idea that would appeal more to women and girls. The Garden Walk, on the other hand, is basically the opposite. Why is the Garden Walk on the menu for boys, but not the other side of the menu. Because we like women on the left, she says. Because we want to appeal to female shoppers, she says. You mean you want to appeal to everyone, but not women. What makes you think were catering to women. Because its not a women-only event and you dont cater to all genders, you respond. You spend a couple days at a time conversing with your beautiful new roommate by email. You start to wonder if its worth the effort, so you tell her that.

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