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From deleted sent 21 minutes ago I agree. I got lost in the beauty of the place and the people there. I was really excited to see a little shop with a sign saying GIRL on it. I was so happy to see that a girl had been there a long time. I cant believe I got lost in a place that looks like that. I just got so lost in the place and people there and it was really fun. I was really lonely and didnt even ask where did people live. I was just happy to see a girl, I went to the ladies room but I couldnt find it and I got so worried and I didnt want to get lost. I got angry and then it was so fun when I saw you in there. I didnt know if you were going to help me or not but I was so happy that you found me. I have been so lonely and I got so lost in this place, Im so happy youre home. This was like a memory of my mom who I didnt see for many long years. It was so sad but it was so fun and nice that you found me and I hope maybe you can be happy because theres no reason for this to be sad. Your house was so nice that I felt so happy when you said that you were happy here. I was so happy that I found a place where I can make a little friend here while Im here. I love all the people here and they were so nice to me too. I want that place to be a big place where all can have friends. I want to live here and I want to live my life where everyone knows me and everyone thinks Im nice and you will help me. To deleted sent 21 minutes ago Awwwww. So, Ill call you soon when I can. I hope you make me happy because I was having a sad time in the last few days. I didnt find my mom at all in a while, I was so sad and I was lost. I didnt even know where to go, I thought I was lost too and I was so lonely. I saw a little girl in there and I was so happy for a moment. It was really fun when I found you, I was so happy that I saw a little girl in a place that looked like you.

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