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The next night you get a knock on the door. She is wearing a beautiful, shimmering gown, which is about to be covered in fresh, beautiful, black baby powder with which you can tell that she is about to give birth. She is holding a baby in her arms and is about to give it a kiss. The baby mother stares at you and begins to cry. You take a deep breath and you ask her to talk about her baby. She begins to talk about a baby who is going to be a big kid and who will be a good boy and that will come from the big family and that he will be good at everything he tries. When I was pregnant with my last child, I did not know whether I was pregnant for the long term or not. I was afraid that I might not be able to have another one. I did not dare to tell anyone about it and then when the day came that I was to give birth my doctor suggested that the doctor should give me a little more time so that I could be confident that I could continue with my family and not just for the short time I was planning to have. He said that it is not only the pain that is hard to bear, but also the fact that I do not know when the baby can come out of me. So, he explained that the doctor would prescribe me a little more time so that I knew I would be able to carry them both inside me for the rest of my life. But, he also said that I would have to wait for the baby to be born. One day you will too and it is really the best thing that can be waiting for you after this difficult time. You take a deep breath and ask her if she has any advice for you. She says that she wants you to take care of yourself and that you are not alone. You to find your voiceYou close your eyes and think that you mustnt cry again. You think that you mustnt cry again. You ask her how do you find your voice, why do you need to be strong for those days that you have with her. She says that it is the only way of living, because if you are not strong, you will become weak. If you want to be happy in life, you have to be strong. You continue your conversation with your sister and your conversations with your family.

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