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NameThe next one is at a grocery store in Smyrna, Tennessee. The next one is at a grocery store in Smyrna, Tennessee.

You get there, and a big truck with a trailer pulls up to the curb. Out steps a middle-aged man with greying hair and a goatee. He notices you first, and waves you over. You agree to help himYou agree, so you get out of the car, and enter the store. You see it filled with all sorts of beauty supplies. You walk aroundYou walk around the store, taking what you need. You find more than you expected, though. You find a few items you didnt know you needed. You see some that you could use for your beauty routine. You find books on how to get a facelift, how to get a new nose, new teeth, or even plastic surgery. What you find is, even though you might start off feeling a little out of sorts, the more you use what you find, the more you get used to it. The more you use it to restore your senses, the better things seem to get. You find yourself a table with some books, some lipstick and mascara, some lotion, some eye shadow, some eyelashes extensions, some contacts, some other items that you cant quite identify, and you find that what little cash you have, you put into the jar on the table. You pick up the first book on the shelf, and you feel comfortable enough to begin reading it. You find yourself in what you assume is your bathroom.

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