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The song fades outThe first thing I do is get a good look at your eyes. I know they arent human blue, or green for that matter, theyre a dull gray. Your eyes have a strange quality about them, as if theyre trying to tell me a lot of different things at once. Do you really think its a good idea to leave them here. The more we leave them we are exposing them to even more life forms. So Im guessing theyre probably all dead, You say. Im going to be doing a lot of work, I say. I quickly remove all the bandages from your wounds and place them in a bag I bring with me. I also grab some bandage fluid from the small medicine cabinet and place it in a smaller bag. I then grab a few extra needles and begin to work on healing them. Its a lot more work than I thought it was going to be, but its for the best, since Im going to need them soon. Youve already healed three of your wounds more than you did the first time you met me. The sun has already gone down so I head to my room with the first group you were with. I take a quick shower and dress, then head back to the lab with the rest of your group. You sit along side with the others, but as you do you find that the bond you have with them is now stronger than ever. You can tell that theyre glad to see you, even if a bit surprised that youre bringing another with you. I have a feeling about what a game entails, but I dont know what its like to be you right now. I guess it would be good to get this out of the way, no. This is going to be the last time I get to spend time with you. Well I guess we dont have all day to waste. We need to do it soon, as we dont want to waste any more time before this is over. You and the group look at each other and realize that youll all come together to bring down the beast.

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