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The video on its own looks pretty good if a bit short on actual animation. You didnt even recognize anything from the movie when you watched it. Youre not familiar with the Beast, but he really does look like hes been lifted straight from a traditional fairy tale. Of course, the video is a bit of a gimmick, of course, since it doesnt actually contain any of the story or the music. You watch the movieYou cant tell the difference between the video and the video itself. Youre not sure what it is exactly thats making it look like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and he sure as hell isnt anything thats going to make you enjoy this movie. The only thing you think you can tell about Belle is that she just looks absolutely gorgeous, even in this poor quality video. Youre a little disappointed that you didnt get to keep that thing her cat gave you, but its hard to care about that right now. You turn the television off and go play a video game. Once youve left the TV set on you start to realize the futility of complaining. Youre not going to be able to watch the movie if you want to get a good nights sleep. Youre also not going to be able to talk to Wendy or the rest of the family about all this. Its going to be like the movie, except with less talking and more fighting. Youve already seen the whole thing once already, its not like youve got anything special to prove. You go up to the window and look out at the empty, moonless night. Its not hard to convince yourself that this is the end of something pretty wonderful. You think youve had enough with the television. Once again you push your chair back from the kitchen table. You go over to the couch in the living room and sit down next to it. Once again you pull down the volume on the television until there is no more noise. Its getting to be a bit loud out there on your patio. You close your eyes and try to block out the noise for now, even though its hard to do at this volume. You cant stay here listening to that awful song over and over again. You hear a knock at the door and you raise your head from your couch to stare across the room at the television to find who is knocking. The man standing in the doorway is short and scruffy, with a balding head and dirty clothes.

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