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She knew nothing aboutthisbefore, but something about her bond with this thing tells her she must rescue her and escape with him. As with all good fairy tales, this one is filled with heartwarming, charming moments. As always, you have to admit that youre not even bored of this movie, or at least I havent been Not even for a minute after I realized that this movie really wasnt even a fairy tale, Even though the whole movie is pretty simple, it still manages to be touching in its own way, a bit reminiscent of The Little Mermaid actually, I have to say this movie is my favorite of the series, so far The only issue is the ending. The thing is, it wasnt really the main point of the movie. As you probably already know, the Beast is ultimately just a monster created by the curse of Beauty. It just so happens that he isnt really evil. And hes in the process of being released from said curse. But I still have to say the ending of the movie was a bit strange. And trust me, I know, Im a big fan too, So anyway, if you havent yet watched that movie, or the first part in which you can see it on TV you REALLY should. Im sure youll find something positive to say about it :, Your door has been pried open, by yourself, as usual, and a pair of hands is pushing at your body. No, you say, trying to push away your legs to no avail. Its a lot to process and you feel so scared that you dont have the strength to say anything. You dont know if youll have a choice, but you do know one thing for sure: you dont want to go. She asks, her mouth half-lidded with the corner of a glass. How about you stay here and well find out.

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