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Mit Treatwell unkompliziert 247 online buchen. Reviews from customers and users who have tried out the salon in Berlin on Google Ive used the salon in Berlin for a few appointments with good results. Very good service, and the quality of the work is always very high. I could always depend on the quality of the work, even if I was having my hair colored, coloured highlights applied, or had my nails painted. Im so grateful that I finally got to try something like this, because when I was living in another city, there was only one salon that I was sure of, and that is The House of Hair in my hometown of Chicago. Unfortunately, that salon closed down during the last year, and while I was waiting to make that decision, I was just not making any progress, which made me think that it might be time to give something else a try. The reason for that was an incident that occurred during my last appointment. I was so nervous that my appointment was going to be short-lived, that I made the mistake of saying to the person at the counter that I needed a lot of time to choose my items, and that I would like to stay here longer than I normally would. He told me that I shouldnt worry about it and that he would make a note of what I selected, as well as what I didnt select. I was so caught up in my feelings of wanting to have this last moment so special, that I forgot to think about the fact that he was just making up my selections for me. To make up for it, I just decided to leave an unfavorable review on Yelp. I know its not really right, but I really feel like I need to do something about this. Im not saying that its the most dignified thing to do, but I had no other good option. – Nelly, ChicagoIve been coming to the Glowy Beauty Salon in Berlin for years now and have never had any dissatisfaction. They have always given me a professional, pleasant and prompt service and all the items they have used have always been of high quality and have not caused me any harm or irritation. I believe that this is because they use products which are organic and natural and that the use of heat on certain parts of the body may cause irritation and this is why they only use products which are made without any animal products, such as bamboo, coconut oil or beeswax. I have also never had any problem with the staff at the salon. They have always treated me with respect which has made me feel very comfortable. I have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and it is a special experience to be in contact with your customerspatients on a daily basis on the phone. I hope to see you and your staff back here soon in Berlin.

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