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Im not a Disney fan or even a Disney fan girl, but as I said, I have to admit this is pretty cute. : You give it to herYou decide to give her the Sleeping Beauty dress to wear. With that said, you head to the front desk and pay for your tickets. You then head to the first section of the show. You enter a bright light and a young man wearing a green dress with a large flower on it and a large golden crown sits on a throne. He looks at you with a weird smile on his face. Because I know you are, The young man says. Are you here to see our newest attraction. Its called The Princess and the Frog and its a short ride in the middle of the show. Wait, so youre telling me that the Kingdom of Merida hates you and has been trying to kill you for years. I mean I can see why you would be nervous about this. Well, no, thats not entirely the case, but they also have been attempting to kill me for years. I dont really like to talk about it too much so please, call me Gaston. Im comfortable talking about other peoples bad habits. You sit down in the seats as Gaston starts to tell you more about the ride. The ride starts off by showing Gaston as he walks along a street, talking with a woman who is about his age. You ask him about the rideIts called The Princess and the Frog. Its a ride in which you get to meet Gaston. Thats a pretty odd name for a place thats supposed to be about you. Alright, so it looks like youre talking to me. So youre telling me your name is Ariel. You say while taking the seat next to Gaston. They raise a good example for me to follow. It says Im standing in the center of a lake, which makes me the star of the show.

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