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You can also trust us, because we arent going to The Black LodgeWe want the real McCoy, the old man says. I dont even think Im ever gonna be. You need to go to the Black Lodge, kid, the old man says. Well, heres some advice for you kid. I think you know already, but do you really need to go to the Black Lodge. Its okay to think youre not cool enough. That youre too short and tall and skinny and fat. That youre too slim and fat and skinny and jacked. And what exactly will you give up when you let go. Maybe youll change, maybe youll become something else. You stare at him for a moment, trying to imagine what he means. Theres room on this Earth for a few more than the men you have here, and you cant begrudge them the chance to change. You stand there a moment, looking at your reflection in the window.

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