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Apparently hes like a big brother to all his younger fans. The, I, m a celebrity with younger, older, and younger, fans. The screen goes black, and a familiar soundcomes from your pocket: a familiar voice. You do nothing, as you are a little too tired to pay attention, and the movie goes on without you. Eventually, you fall asleep, and the Voice takes over. Your sister asks, I just realized we had a long time to sleep, now we have to wake up early to go to school. Oh, Im sorry, you reply, Id be asleep for hours, if it werent for the voice in my head. But I cant do much about it now, what with not being able to control my powers any more. Ive already said Im confident I can take down the Big Bad by myself, which I assume you can as well, you reply. Your sister exclaims, You cant understand what we went through. Why are there flames coming from the computer room. I dont know, but I know it cant be good. After a moment, you hear a voice come from a distance, Im sorry for this. Ive been given a lot of power to change things, and while I can do nothing about it.

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