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If you have anything to order, please send it to us. But maybe its not the Brazilian beauty salon youre after. Maybe you want a more romantic location. Maybe you think the name and picture on the sign is enough to make you get in your car. So why does it matter what youre doing, if something might be wrong with you. Well, that question comes to the forefront as you enter the shop. After all, with your mind already filled with porn, why should it bother you with actual physical things. No, its not, and thats why you hate it You need to do a little researchTheres a lot more to this than meets the eye. Not surprising, since youre still not used to thinking for yourself. Theres no bumper stickers or signs outside, like most of the porn shops youve been to. Theres no Were open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just walk in with your car and park, then wait outside while the owner leads you to the back where you can pay. By the time the owner returns, your attention has been stolen. You see what youd expect in a doctors office. Theres a couple of old looking chairs against the wall. Theres also a man with an eyepatch and a clipboard in the corner, tapping away at a computer. A woman in a business suit wouldnt be in the back of a porn shop with you, would she. But its hard to let this one little nagging thought go to waste. Theres probably a lot of stuff youre not going to get to see, and youre about to make up your mind about something. You want some mouthwatering Brazilian ass.

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