Well-meaning but fundamentally flawed, Collateral Beauty aims for uplift but …

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The tear jerker has a glorious place in the storytelling genre, but theartificialis always theworst. Good artists make you smile, good artists make you sad, good artistswriters make you laugh, good artists make you angry, good artists make you everything. Bad arts make you feel nothing. Well at least you got to see the endings. A woman who has had a close look at the new Ford Escape is not sure about the design. The woman is a longtime Escape driver who drove a 2009 model and a 2013 model, and she says shes seen a lot in those years. Both women were referring to the big, boxy, four-door Dodge that is the current Escapes main rival. I think its going to be a problem with the smaller vehicles, the first woman says. The Ford Escape is the brands answer to those bigger, boxier, small-car competitors. Ford was trying to make a high-value vehicle, says Kevin King, a Ford senior manager of vehicle marketing. They want to attract an aging demographic that wants a crossover but doesnt necessarily want to sacrifice size. The Escape is also a great everyday car, King says. Ford has also been trying to sell the Escape to a new-car market. We have a pretty big footprint, King says. If were going to be there in the mid-size space, where youll find most of these midsize SUV and pickup trucks, we needed a vehicle that is going to serve that segment as well. Anecdotally, most people have little reason to go from one end of the car-sales landscape to the other. But in the mid-size space, the Escape is one of the best-selling cars, King says. It is a good representation of the brands positioning, and the company sees the Escape fitting into the larger-than-average SUV segment that Ford also dominates. I think the Escape fits into the larger vehicle and crossover market, and we cant forget that we are in the mid-size vehicle market, King says. Youll also find that when we try to go up to.

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