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Re a good looking young man and look very desirable. M sure any girl in Los Angeles that you pass on the street would certainly take notice of you. A lot of the times you can get your picture taken on the streets in your underwear or even lingerie. Re probably not interested in something like lingerie. Re probably better off not being seen driving around in a place like New York City. I suggest you start off at your first choice and then you can look at more expensive and desirable places later on. S only so much a guy can take. S no telling what the price has risen to in Los Angeles. He said celebrities have beautiful homes in LA, but you never heard about celebrities living in other cities or even a city near LA. T suggesting to move to New York City. M sure if you really wanted to you could afford it. Ll find very few interesting things to do. S very well known and everyone is well off there. Jack looks a little impressed by your answer. Well thanks again for helping me out. Ll tell you what though, you can get quite creative with your surroundings, you can have some fun.

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