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New York City does have some truly famous people; a few of them, like the Beatles and the Hollies, can all be found in the heart of Manhattan. And, you could guess, most of the other famous people in the Big Apple are located in Brooklyn. Some of these famous people even have multiple homes or apartments in New York City. For example, Andy Warhol and his wife, the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, live in a house that is now known as the Warhols home, and the Basquiats also have their own apartment. Other famous people in New York City have apartments on the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side, or the Upper West Side. The city does have a small population of celebrities that have not yet moved to other cities, but who live in the city. For example, Whitney Houston and her husband also live in the city, but the pair will probably be moving to Florida by the end of the century. Another famous person from New York City that lived elsewhere is the comedian and activist Robin Williams, who died of an apparent suicide in 2014, while living in Tiburon, a town in Northern California, after a period of drug and alcohol abuse. See also edit References edit The Wikipedia article on New York Citys celebrities. It doesnt matter what the sky looks like, just keep walking forward. Im not a big fan of games with a linear plot. Its not because Im against it, its just that Im always a tad curious to see whats going to happen next. Fortunately there are a lot of games like that out there that are willing to entertain the idea of continuing the story, in which case this is a game that I absolutely must play. Youre a guy whos job is to keep the peace and maintain order among the many characters that inhabit a world thats pretty much ruled by chaos. The settings quite dark, which is fitting for the title of the game. The setting is the city of Rask, which is an island in the center of a large lake that separates the continent of Nalin from the continent of Essitrea. The island itself was a stronghold of the Empire for years, before it was defeated. Since then, the city of Rask has been the only major settlement on the island. There are other outlying settlements that have slowly started to be filled with people that are drawn to the islands plentiful supplies of food, water, and other resources. Unfortunately, the world is a very dangerous place, and there are many people, many of whom have tried to establish themselves on the island for a variety of reasons. The city of Rask has always been regarded as a safe haven, and it has no plans to change that.

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