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You dont say anythingYou dont say anything. You go inside your house, and continue your work. A few months later, Cathy Anderson starts to talk bad about you and Mark at the Uncut interview on Salve TV. You also hear about your own interview on a different Dutch show called The Uncut. You go home and tell your wife that you didnt do it, but she doesnt believe you. She keeps up all the lies about your past and the lies with your present. You start to think about your other daughter Jennifer that you have to leave home for a couple of months after every exam you have to take and that you cant even visit her to let her know about your love at that time. The day comes where you really are mad and after one and a half years your anger is directed toward Cathy. You find out that she and Mark have been sending messages to you and your brother. You go to Cathys house and take advantage of your anger to kill her and Mark. A few weeks later, you kill Mark. A month later you kill another person in the family. The rest of the year is the worst and the rest of your life is filled with many pain. Your anger reaches such a high that it gets worse. You are no longer just angry towards your family. You are no longer just angry at the world. You are no longer just angry towards yourself. You go to the bathroom and tell your daughter Jennifer everything you have done. She is the only one who understands that her mother no longer exists and that her father is not your real father any longer. You are not surprised when she also tells her friends what you have done and they too all begin to believe you. You know that you are going to die, but you dont care anymore because you dont feel that you are capable at all of living and you are just waiting to die. But then you think that if you killed the whole family, you could at least give the world one more thing. You kill Cathy and Marks childYou have two children, a daughter Jennifer and a son Mark. When you kill them, you give them each one last gift in the death of your children. Theyre a disappointment and never live up to what you once thought they could. You have to end their childish existence before it can have a crueler start. You leave them alive until the funeral. Finally theyre all old enough to start talking with each other. Jennifer begins to say how her mother and Mark were both the same and how her father was evil and should be killed too. She even tries to convince you of the same thing. Its not long before Jennifer starts going to different places and telling all the other children of her beliefs.

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