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You use the TV to spy on everyoneOh no. You try to spy on the othersWell, what do you know. You leave the roomYou leave quietly, hoping that they wont bother you or you will never be seen again. The others are all sitting at the table enjoying their meal. You go to the window and see the ocean, which you can only imagine is a pleasant sight on a day like this. The movie star who lived in the mansion had given a talk about this day a few days before. It seems he had been shot by some thug that was trying to rob him, but a heroic Hollywood fan managed to save him. You use your TV remoteYou sit beside the table and press the TV remote to activate the camera function. You press the TV until you see the TVs screen. You watch the screen for a while before it begins to blink a lot. You enter the roomHello, the FBI is looking for me. You look in the room and see a red, diamond-shaped bottle. You pick it up and notice that it is filled with what looks to be vodka. I dont know, but Im going to go get drunk. You enter the backroom and see three people. One of them looks like the Hollywood fan.

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