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Fitness is all the rage and fitness is really, really good. Fitness is something the whole family can do. D be surprised how well you could do just running to burn calories. T run fast enough to burn a lot of calories. D run at full-out for long periods of time. S not like you could run around the block a lot if you were trying to do that. T really possible without really working a muscle to a high degree andor doing a lot of exercises. What you do burn from running can be recovered from by doing other activities that are easier on your joints and that use more energy, like swimming or cycling. T be able to do it with a smile on your face. S really no way to tell if their products do anything except sell. D be pretty easy to sell whatever you made off the products. T imagine yourself doing a job that involves putting on a show. T have any children and that your wife takes care of them, or you can at least go back to spending your time doing other things. Re still not too sure about this whole fitness thing. Re going to end up just going back to trying to relax at home rather than wasting your time on fitness.

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