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You dont have a lot of time to think though, you need to get those missiles ready and you dont have a lot of options right now, even if you wanted to go through with the plan to just go around the world. You could try to hitch a ride on a passing ship, but you really don;t feel entirely safe leaving the ship alone for more than a few minutes, let alone hitch a ride. You can make the trip to the missile silo without being discovered with no problems, but you wont be able to get into the missile silo with the silo doors shut. You can try to drive into the silo from the outside, but you really dont want to risk being seen. You drive into the siloYou dont have much faith in your vehicles enough to risk driving into the missile silo from the outside. You could attempt to hack the vehicles to get inside though. Your skills in hacking have improved greatly in the last year, you could attempt to do it, but it seems like youre going to require a lot more help than you wanted from your powers. You wake up and notice that youve gone to a different apartment. The last time you were here, you were staying at a friends apartment and then the friend was moving out and you were sleeping on a friends couch. This new apartment is far more expensive and the person who owns it is actually paying for your room while you sleep on the couch. It feels weird staying in the friends living room for the past few months and now that person is actually paying for your room. You dont know which is worse, the fact that youre still unsure if you should go to the missile silo or that youre going to have to move out of your current apartment. You go to the missile siloIts been a year since the Endbringers started attacking and now its time to do what you need to do to stop them. You decide to go and youll be back before the month is out. You decide you better take the day off and sleep in, and just get this over with as soon as possible. A few hours later, you head downstairs. You see that your friend has left for the day and while you havent actually spoken to him since then, he did leave his door unlocked. You walk in and find that your friend has packed the night before. You wonder if he actually has any intention of coming back. You sit on top of the couch thinking about your options, only one thing comes to mind however that makes you feel good.

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