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You feel a great wave of fear wash over you and run back to the car, where you clutch it and begin shaking it and screaming. You start shaking and scream and curse the world in your head for sending you to this place. You want nothing more than to be alone, but in horror, you manage to calm yourself. Please, just tell me what the fuck is going on and Ill be fucking back to my dorm so I can go to sleep. You are getting desperate, desperate for an answer to your questions, for some sort of salvation. You give up on being a hero and go back to your room. You begin to walk towards your room, but you suddenly stop. Do you think Im going to survive this. Im sorry to hear; Im sorry to hear, but youre going to have to survive this. Im not the one commanding you to do anything. You might be able to do it by yourself, but I have to tell you, the universe is big. You walk forward without any more distractions. I cant do it by myself you say to yourself. Suddenly, the door opens and you see a tall, slender man standing there. He wears the uniform of the military, but its not a uniform from any one of the governments. The man is a greenish-gray with a beard and is covered as much as you are by the thick black armor he wears. He has a very serious look on his face and his eyes are very cold looking. You realize that for all his appearance of a jovial and friendly guy, he is, in fact, completely insane. Im sure youre going to have to explain yourself to your parents. In fact, youre going to have to explain yourself to all of them. They must really hate you for their daughter to do such a thing, even if she does have a few gray hairs. Now, tell me, what is your last name. At first, you refuse to talk to him and just start beating on the wall of your room, but after a while, youre forced to acknowledge that your current situation is not working out for you and you need to do something about.

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