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Your heart pounds and you want to vomit as you slowly, and as quietly as you can, approach the back door. S my turn to help you out now. You slowly open the door and see a man in a tattered trench coat, hunched over in a chair, holding a rifle in one hand and an assault rifle in another. S also wearing an old style gas mask like a mad scientist might wear. What the hell are you doing in my house and not calling out for help. The man looks at you for a moment and then sighs. The man says not looking up from his rifle. T know what you mean, but why the hell am I in here. T know either, but the only thing we can assume is that this is where you and your wife lived before you were married. Ve been living out here with your family for a little while. As if on cue, the sound of a shotgun being cocked followed by a bang are heard followed by a burst of gunfire and soon after another burst of gunfire.

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