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What the hell, you need an excuse to visit the beauty products section. You can take a quick look at the brands, and you find a few products that you think you could use. You feel like you should take a closer look at a few others, but the selection is really limited. You need something elseYou are not even going to waste your time looking at some of the cheap brands. You take a look at the beauty section of the drugstore, and you find a few things you think you could use. You take a look at the cosmetics section of the store. You pick up one of the plastic bottles containing a white liquid. You take a look at the shampoo, and the rest is history. The next morning there is a very slight smell of perfume in the air. You wake up in a daze, with a smile and a look of curiosity on your face. You see that your hair is in its natural color and that it has never been touched. You have never been to the hospital or even the pharmacy before today, but you are sure that you have come close to getting into trouble for this when the beauty section was open, but now that you are home you can stop worrying about getting into trouble. You have a bit more time before school and the first day of classes is not that far away. Once you are ready to go, you look for your backpack or purse and see that it is still in the same spot as when you left it. You also see that your phone is still on. You decide to check the places where you could have your phone, and you start to search for your phone. You do not expect too much to come out though. It is not that expensive, and you expect it to lose all your data, if you could ever recover it. The thing is, you have nothing to hide and you do not know why you would ever fear that if the police or the principal found out where you had been. You find all your data and are able to find your phone. Your phone is not as easily to crack as it had seemed. While you are surprised by the result of the search, you are not angry or frustrated. There were many factors that made this possible. First off, your phone was not lost on the roadside like you had once thought. While you were not careful with using it when you were lost, it managed to still make a network connection and that was enough for you. This means that if your phone were to ever be found, you would not be able to be traced and instead this could only be a good thing for you. You have also managed to find a way to keep the contents of it locked. There is also no need for you to worry about anyone else finding this, which is what you had feared might.

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