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Jinny is your one stop shop and the best place to turn when it comes to buying quality products and service. JinnyYou have to say the first time you enter Jinny, you feel like youre in a place in your childhood, where you felt you could go from one place to another, but never went back to where you used to live or the place where your parents used to live. The beauty supply shop itself looks like your childhood room where your mother is the one who taught you how to do all your things at such as ironing the clothes or making them neat which you can see that they are still using them and you notice the same black and white TV and the same black and white lamp. You take a look at the shelves of different skin lightening lotions, gels and serums and the mirrors on the wall and see them in action. You grab 2 of a dozen different lotions which are labelled as Skin-Lightening, which gives you the impression that they would work on the skin, but actually they are the same lotions and just labelled and labelled more brightly. You take a long deep breath and hold it out to Jinny who accepts it eagerly. The next one is labelled Skin-Brightening-, as with the label and the bright neon lights, you get the impression that it would have the same effect on the skin, but in fact it has no effect on the skin at all. After that you grab another 2 toner lotions which are labeled the same way. After that you grab all the hair lightening lotions and the serum serums and the masks. The next few ones you grab are the same, with the same label and the same neon lights. Then you grab 2 different face masks, with the same label and the same neon lights. After that, you cant think of anything else, you grab more of the toners and serums. You have done everything you can do to get yourself a lot of it, all for nothing at all, and not only is all the money wasted on getting it, but its not like a lot of it is even in your possession anymore. You have just wasted 20 bucks, which would be enough for you to get from the food court in the mall. But you cant let yourself feel like that anymore, you have to go back to where you came from and do something with it, because its not like you would get any satisfaction out of this now. The only thing that you could do now is to sell one of them items to get some of the money you wasted. You need to try and make the money you wasted worth more than the 20 bucks, so that you could get back home.

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