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A well lit room and aYouve been playing for an hour, but you havent had a single negative experience thats lasted past the first five minutes. The most positive youve had is being given a get well note and some free shampoo from the store owner. You go over to shake his hand and he smiles and gives you a friendly wave. And youve never seen him without his shirt off before, so youre a little taken aback by how welcoming he is. You shake his hand and tell him you thought his shampoo was good, and while it was free youd buy him one if possible. You continue to World of BeautyYou continue to World of Beauty and quickly make your way through it, even though youd get bored very easily with the sight of the ocean, or of the same old sunrises and sunsets. If all you knew about the world was what you knew about World of Beauty, then youd spend the rest of your life waiting in the sun for its next big sale. The island is surrounded by a low wall of sea walls, which is the same color as the walls surrounding the villas on the island. The island is a little more than a hundred meters square with the wall, so you find yourself on a large beach with a large wall separating you from the ocean within a hundred meter radius. You walk over to the wall, then see whats on the other sideYou walk forward across the beach, past the wall and across the sand. Theres a huge villa sitting on the other side of the wall, and just across the sea from you is a huge villa with a huge ocean view. You walk another five meters and then you see something entirely different: a huge, dark jungle area, with no trees at all. All of the trees are bare, and the jungle is growing on everything in sight. You stare at the jungle for a long time, making no moves to leave it. The wall that separates you from the ocean is about fifteen meters from you, and you have no idea where the hell you are. You wait for someone to come to youYou wait quietly for awhile before you see a few small figures emerge from the villa. The figures move with speed, seeming to appear from anywhere on the beach. Hello, Im Daniel, a man says, What is it you two are doing up so early.

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