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You can just see him now, coming to an event near you, his hand on his sword, and that same sense of awe as Iwaizumi, the sense of self-importance as Mitsuo, the power that must be present in those who are stronger than them, the power that will be present in him as a king, the sense of belonging, which can only be in a guild. As a friend of the club, I cant betray its name and traditions. He takes off his ring, and the rest of you see that its a simple golden band, nothing like the ones youve seen on Zuzus right wrist. Ve ever seen and extends his right hand. My name is Kaoru Higashiyama, and I humbly beg your forgiveness. I shall never forget it, as it is a reminder that your service to the Shibuya Ward and the Zu-Karatane Hime Klub will always be remembered. May your life be filled with happiness and prosperity. Let the first gentleman accept your ring. Okay, Iwa-san let me lead us into the casino first.

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