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I mean, if you cant trust those married celebrities to tell you the truth, what can you trust them to tell you about the truth of marriage. What if those married stars said they were on a sex-offender list. Its the kind of thing were not supposed to say, right. Ive been reporting on marriage since I discovered that the U. Government classifies almost 9 out of 10 marriages as void. Its really the biggest scandal in marriage right now. Many of the women making claims of rape and mistreatment are getting their stories confirmed. Many of these women, who are speaking to the media about their traumatic marriages, have gotten off on publicizing them. People are shocked when they learn that these women are getting off on publicizing their abuse, and when I report on the women who are accusing these married celebrities of rape, and even when I report on the stories of the women who are getting off on publicizing their abuse, Im accused of being a troll and a creep. But these celebrities, the ones calling themselves the most respected women in the world, are also being accused of being the most vulnerable women in the world. Its like theyre trying to get away with their own abuse. In a recent article, I pointed out that were seeing a resurgence of the idea that rape and domestic violence are all about sex, that women are seeking gratification through sexual violence, and that its therefore okay for them, and therefore desirable, for it to be committed against them by a partner. In a more traditional feminist definition, the definition of rape is forceful, non-consensual sex with someone who either is or is not consenting to such sex. No one is saying that sex with a woman is automatically non-consensual. But if youre the sex perpetrator, and youre seeking sex from a woman, and that woman is not consenting, its rape. I wrote the article not only because I thought it was a good piece of writing, but because it made me think: isnt the real reason these celebrities are getting away with domestic violence. No matter how you define it, you have a choice in how you treat your spouse. And one of the most fundamental choices you can make is whether you tell the truth about your marital problems. If you keep those marital problems private and you keep them in the dark, your spouse will use you. If you dont tell the truth, your spouse will hurt you. If you tell the truth, you are empowering yourself. If you dont believe your spouse when they tell you that they need emotional and.

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