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Even if yourself, someone else may think you are the most interesting person they ever met because you are so much more interesting than everyone else. That I was being too shallow for such a serious situation, but then I met this really cool guy. I wasnt even really interested in him on a romantic level, but I think he was and I wanted to impress him with the fact that I was cool, right. So I met this guy, I didnt realize who he was or even how he knew me before, but we became good friends and eventually, he mentioned that he was married and his wife was dying of cancer. I thought that was pretty cool that he mentioned something like that. That was really nice, but there was one problem. T even his real name, but the real name of one of his employees who was dying with the same disease. The one thing I never knew, is what my real name was. T believe that I never knew my real name. T know how did I even meet this guy, but by chance or by luck, or by knowing something, I ended up getting to know this guy and it made me think about my real name. Maybe I should ask my mom and dad. S not a big deal, but it feels a little strange not knowing my real name. I thought maybe I should write him a letter, but at least if I did ask my parents, they might have a few ideas on how I was able to meet this person. M still a little nervous about this new development in my life. T know if I can just go there. T want to go back to the old me.

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