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You finish up your other two orders. The next day you go to buy a few snacks to take with you to the mall. You buy some chips, grapes, popsicles and a box of raisin candies that looks like something a kid would eat. Then you see a couple of people in the lobby of the mall. Ll be meeting some new people at the mall. You go over to them, and introduce yourself. One of them is a little weird, so you go with it for the most part. He introduces you to his wife with a little too much enthusiasm when she starts talking about the mall. You see a couple of other people doing the same. You meet a couple more people in the mall. You go right past the gift shop and start towards the jewelry and accessories. A girl with wild hair and wild eyes runs up to you. You need to talk to people for one, two, or three days before you speak to potential partners. You gotta make contacts first before you can go get the goods. You need to have a team of people ready to go. S starting to get on your nerves a little. M going to have a team of people standing around waiting for you to show up ready to go. The girl shouts and runs off with a couple others behind her.

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