Celebrities names that start with c

Post about Celebrities names that start with c… You startThe world is a beautiful place and nothing could be more beautiful than you. Now it is time for you to join the rest of your family in heaven. You have just realized that your mom isnt in here with you, you wonder who she is or if she even wants […]

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Celebrities who never went to college

Information about Celebrities who never went to college… Didnt know the president had this big speech. Oh, just something about the government being the only thing that makes a difference between a free people and a nation of slaves. All hes saying is if we let go of the government, were gonna be free. If we dont let go of […]

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Byron she walks in beauty

Post about Byron she walks in beauty… Always so calm when others were being noisy or in trouble. When he was still living at home with his parents he would often sing to them as he worked in the garden. He couldnt make enough money from singing to support his parents. When he went to the theatre he was quite […]

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