L.a beauty

Information about L.a beauty… You feel her hand on your back and then she releases your hand and lets go of your shoulders without even giving you a word. I guess I should know how its like not being able to move. Thats why this is the best thing thats ever happened to me. So Ill leave you alone now. […]

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S Sexiest Bikini Moments Are Guaranteed to Keep You Warm…

Article about Celebrities in bikinis 2017… You dont see anything interestingYou dont see anything cool here. You dont see anything to write home about. You close your eyesYou close your eyes and close your mind. You open your eyes and open your mind. Gwen Stefani shows off her summer bikini body in a chic swimsuit. See their sexiest bikini and […]

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Celebrities dicks

Post about Celebrities dicks… Now get the fuck out of here before I get pissed. M giving you and shove it up your ass. Re pretty much a lazy piece of shit. I mean the rest of your fucking words are pretty much a death wish. You dont even know what the fuck to say. You say I dont really […]

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