Raw beauty

Post about Raw beauty… If you have any more ideas, please do not hesitate to mail them to me. You waitSince the other ideas are not good enough, you will stay with this. The owner will probably do a promotion on you or something, which will lead to a higher pay, so that you do not have to leave. You […]

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Boycott hollywood celebrities

This article about Boycott hollywood celebrities… T have to keep up with celebrities any longer and can focus on my new job that I love. T be too surprised if you see some of this around in the coming months. S going to include at least shouting vulgarities at the Hillarys and their supporters. Ll make sure to mention the […]

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Figure eight island celebrities

Article about Figure eight island celebrities… There is a beautiful lake beach that you can t reach from Figure Eight. You go back to your room and find yourself laying on a futon with a couple of pillows under you. You get up and stretchYou roll on the floor and stretch out on the linoleum floor. You can t believe […]

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